This website was created for the Moulding and Millworkers Association for a presentation about Bitcoin.

Welcome to Moulding.Money, an example online website for the Moulding & Millwork industry that accepts Bitcoin natively using Lightning network. This website is dedicated to demonstrating the power of Bitcoin and the Lightning network to re-imagine the way you do business.

bitcoin accepted here

At Moulding.Money, we believe that Bitcoin and the Lightning network offer tremendous potential for the Moulding & Millwork industry and the economy at large. By accepting Bitcoin payments natively, we can offer our customers a fast, secure, and decentralized payment option that is not subject to the same limitations as traditional payment methods.

Bitcoin is a new form of sound money that allows for fast and secure transactions, with low fees and no need for intermediaries. With the Lightning network, payments can be processed almost instantly, making it a great option for online purchases.

Our website is tailored specifically to the Moulding & Millwork industry, emulating an example company producing moulding products. The products ARE NOT REAL and cost small amounts and only accept payments over the Lightning network.

All payments on our Online Store are considered tips to the author of moulding.money.

By using Bitcoin and the Lightning network, the website demonstrates a fast, secure, and convenient way to purchase moulding and millwork products. Transactions are processed instantly, and transaction fees are minimal and paid by the customer. In addition, all transactions on Lightning are settled instantly; there is ZERO charge-back risk.

There are many ways to use the Lightning Network to create innovative Bitcoin-accepting websites. This particlar website (moulding.money) was built using Sovereign Stack, software that allows you to create and operate your own Bitcoin-native websites. Check out the examples section to get more ideas on how you might want to use Lightning Network for your business or project!

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